Our mission

Epikia builds dedicated extended teams building innovative web based applications. We aim to deliver services at consistent world-class quality and to become seamless nearshore extensions of your local teams. Operating from Krakow, Poland, we help you to achieve competitive advantages through the unique combination of technological innovation and cost efficiencies.

Software Engineer
Software Engineer
Co-Founder / Partner

Dealing with Legal, Finance, Payroll and taking care of the general office management.

Cracow native, I grew my business knowledge internationally, first by studying human and positive sciences in three different countries, then by working for SME’s dealing with international business.

Sushi lover, in free time enjoying hiking in Tatras and making weekend trips to new cities.


@epikia_eu, @jfossaert, @exitbrugge
Expect geek-stuff, nonsense, politics, sports, @clubbrugge, Belgium & Poland. Significant other of @skotulka

Talent Sourcing

IT recruitment & start-up community in Kraków


Software Engineer

Software Engineer;
Web Developer;
Passionate about DDD, CQRS, ES, distributed systems, street photography, travelling and videography.
I like to solve problems and work on stuff that makes the world a better place.

Software Engineer

.NET Developer, prefer working on Back-End development. Enjoy learning how the world is built, interested in low-level hardware manipulations.
Also love physics, space industry and computer games.

Software Engineer

Software Engineer, currently focused on Front-End development.
Likes the challenges appearing during web developing and knowing new approaches to solve the problems.
Addicted to food, baking cakes, snowboarding and reading books

Software Engineer
Software Engineer
The only failure is not to try

My personal quote:
“The only failure is not to try”

Software Engineer
Software Engineer
Software Engineer

Software Engineer from Poland, who made his long journey from maintaining large monolithic industrial software in .Net to developing microservices on Azure. Now mostly interested in Front-End development with the bleeding-edge technologies and distributed cloud services. When not coding, he is saving the world in board and RPG games.

Epikia is permanently recruiting, or for ourselves, or for one of our partners. Plz do check out our vacancies.

.net on Azure

We develop .NET applications on Microsofts Azure platform

Extended Team Model

We follow the Extended Team Model (ETM) to support our clients by creating, in a cost-efficient way, extended, geographically, distributed teams.

SCRUM framework

We follow the SCRUM framework principles and deliver products iteratively and incrementally, maximizing opportunities for communication and feedback

No worries

We take care of all supporting services including technical, human resources, legal, facilities,…


We adhere to your processes and tooling; which enable us to work on a mirror environment of your local set-up


We use our extensive experience in setting up cross border distributed teams to enable a seamless integration between your on site team and the remote team both in terms of technology and cultural fit

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