Epikia turns 2

We’re turning 2 any day now, so we thought it an excellent idea for a ‘kulig‘ in Ojcow National Park. Last days snow melted a bit, so we had to switch the sleigh for a horse carriage. An impression.

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Epikia discovers Antwerp

Chocolate, beer, our friends of Avantida, oh and a karaoke bar; lot’s of reasons to go for a team event to Belgium, so we did. An impression by Sabina and her 50 mm 😉

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Autonomy, Alignment and the Closed Feedback Loop

We consider an Extended Team successful when it satisfies following three key criteria: There is alignment with the business There is a closed feedback loop between the team and the business The team is autonomous while operating on a technical level Alignment is a critical contributor to the success of an Extended Team. Who in their right mind would transfer critical technical […]

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The Extended Team Model: Huh?

An interesting feature of the globalizing world, is the option to move jobs to locations with a higher availability of competence or a lower cost of production. Specifically CIO’s have been happy to investigate that option and from second half of the nineties, we saw tons of companies offshoring software development projects partially or entirely, […]

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Developing Node.js App Services in TypeScript – part 1 of n: Introduction.

I suppose there are not so many people who do not know what Node.js is. You may love it, you may hate it, but you cannot deny the fact that more and more enterprises are using it to replace some parts of their system, previously written in Java, Rails or .Net.  Node.js runs in a lot of […]

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Where no man has gone before

‘Epikia’ goes back on the ancient Greek ἐπιείκεια, stating that existing laws or principles can be overruled to achieve a higher good; and that’s exactly what we do. We are on a permanent quest through technology wonderland, happy “to boldly go where no man has gone before”. Throughout our expedition we happen to stumble over not-yet-mature-technology, concepts-to-be-improved, new insights; things […]

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